Adhesive sachets


Sachets in cellophane of various sizes with adhesive closure

Code Description Price Quantity
PPL00NR Ppl bag mm 35x40 pack 1000 pcs 3,8
PPL01A Ppl bag mm 50x60 conf 200 4,55
PPL01NR Ppl bag mm 50x50 pack 1000 pcs 4,8
PPL03A Ppl bag mm. 60x80 con 200 5,15
PPL03R Ppl bag mm 60x70 pack 1000 pcs 7
PPL04A Ppl bag mm. 70x100 conf 200 5,85
PPL06N Ppl bag mm 50x270 pack 500 pcs 7,5
PPL05A ppl bag mm. 100x120 pack 200 pz 7,2
PPL07A Ppl bag mm 150x150 pack 200 pcs 10
PPL08A Ppl bag mm 60X130 pack 200 pcs 5,65
PPL10A Ppl bag mm 30X240 pack 200 pcs 6,15
PPL12A Ppl bag mm. 70x150 pack 200 ps
PPL12F Ppl bag mm. 70x140 conf, 1000 HOLES 8,8
PPL12NR Ppl bag mm. 70x140 conf, 1000 10
PPL13F Ppl bag mm. 90x100 pack 1000 holes 9,8
PPL13NR Ppl bag mm. 90x140 pack 1000 11
PPL15R Ppl bag mm. 150x260 conf 500 pz 13
PPL16R Ppl bag mm. 200x270 conf 500 pz 17

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